Business partnerships

Business partnerships – growing together

Although the number of new clients and orders is growing, we still have the capacity for further growth.
Are you interested in earning more by collaborating with us?
BCA is already a well established brand
We are already well known in Russian-speaking market. We are getting up to 600 enquiries every month.
But this is not enough for us – we want to grow.

Why this partnership is profitable for you and for us (win-win )

Growth of your competence and reputation

You’ ll get guidance from German experts. We’ ll share our experience with you – we explain everything you need to know.

Reaching the international market

We operate from Berlin in German, English and Russian.

Growth of your business and income

We support you at every stage of the customer service – during the relocation, as well as before and after the relocation to Germany.

Increase your sales

We bring you customers from your country! By recommending our agency you get additional profits from each customer.

Why this partnership benefits our clients

Because we are competent. Our experience, expertise and quality of service have already been evaluated by 47+ of our customers. Our rating is 4.9 out of 5 stars.

We have a network of employers, career advisors, tax advisors, as well as lawyers and other experts in the field of migration.

Because we are competent – our employees are students or graduates of German universities. Each of them specializes in his or her area of expertise,

Because we are flexible – we offer both comprehensive packages and individual services.

What is expected from you?

Cooperation will, transparency and honesty in our collaboration.


Write or call us and we will reach an agreement on the best conditions for working together.